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Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander would ‘love to be back in her life’

Written by on 21/08/2020

Jason Alexander, who was momentarily married to Britney Spears in 2004, has confessed he would ‘love to be back in her life’.

The former couple wed in Las Vegas, but the marriage famously lasted just 55 hours, before the pair called it quits and had the quickie union annulled.

That hasn’t stopped Jason caring for his ex, however, and as Britney remains under the conservatorship of her dad Jamie, the 38-year-old attended a Free Britney protest in Los Angeles on Wednesday and told Us Weekly he’d like to give their relationship another try if Britney wanted to do so also.

He explained: “I’ve got love for (Britney(, definitely. But, you know, I’ve had to move on, so it’s kind of like one of those things. It’s not gonna be the end of the world if it don’t happen, but I feel like I’m showing my support.”

Telling the publication he would love to be back in Britney’s life some way or another, Jason lamented: “this conservatorship is holding that back from happening. We never were given a shot the first time around. If there’s feeling still there, maybe we see where they go but that’s not – you know that’s on her (sic).”

Adding that he wants to see Britney ‘get what she rightly deserves’, he added: “And from personal conversations (we’ve had), she doesn’t want to be under the conservatorship obviously and it’s affecting her life still to this day in a negative way. Yeah, it’s time for it be over with.”

Following a hearing on Wednesday, court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight showed that the status of Britney’s conservatorship is unchanged, with her father remaining the sole charge of his daughter’s welfare and finances.

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