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Case against ex-soldier charged with murder of teen in Northern Ireland collapses, his family says

Written by on 02/07/2021

The case against a former British soldier charged with the murder of a teenager in Londonderry in 1972 has collapsed, according to the victim’s family.

The veteran, known only as Soldier B, had been accused of shooting Daniel Hegarty, 15, during an Army operation in the Creggan estate in Derry.

Ten years ago, an inquest found that the teenager had posed no risk to soldiers and had been shot twice in the head without warning.

Having initially been told he would not face prosecution, the veteran learned in 2019 that he was being charged with the murder of Daniel.

The decision not to proceed with the case comes two months after the trial of two former members of the Parachute Regiment unravelled in Belfast.

Soldiers A and C were charged with the murder of former IRA commander Joe McCann but evidence deemed central to the case was deemed inadmissible.

Statements the former soldiers had given to the Army in 1972 and to the Historical Investigations Team in 2010 had not been given under caution.

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The Public Prosecution Service said it would re-examine files in seven other cases involving veterans, including that of the soldier charged with Daniel Hegarty’s murder.

Other files include that of Soldier F who is charged with the murders of two men and attempted murders of four others on Bloody Sunday.

In May, the UK government announced plans to limit historical prosecutions by imposing a statute of limitations on offences committed before the Good Friday Agreement.

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