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How could hotel quarantine work in the UK?

Written by on 25/01/2021

The UK could join a host of other countries that have imposed quarantines in hotels for arriving travellers.

Boris Johnson has said the government is “definitely looking at” the policy to further limit the spread of COVID-19, especially regarding new variants.

Sky News has taken a look at how other nations have been enforcing the measure.

Mandatory hotel quarantine was introduced in Australia at the end of March 2020, one of the first countries to do so.

The hotels are designated by the government and determined on the day a person arrives.

People have to quarantine for at least 14 days, and up to 24 days if they refuse to be tested, or until they are clear of infection if they test positive.

They are transported to hotels by bus from the airport and meals are dropped off outside their room doors, with one delivery meal a day allowed to be ordered in.

The cost for a single traveller in New South Wales is about $3,000 (£1,695) for the fortnight, which is invoiced by the government when you leave.

At the airport, travellers into China have to fill in a variety of forms, get their temperatures checked and a COVID test.

Travellers are taken by bus to state-designated hotels, with no information given about which hotel beforehand.

Hotel staff wearing PPE call at least twice a day to record everybody’s temperatures, with a thermometer given to those quarantining when they arrive.

A COVID test is taken after a week and then just before the end of quarantine.

Food, included in the final price, is provided but the quality and quantity vary dramatically and some hotels do not allow outside delivery or alcohol.

The cost for a fortnight for one traveller (unmarried couples may be separated) is between RMB4,200 and RMB7,000 (£470 and £790).

All arrivals into Hong Kong, apart from China, Macau and Taiwan, have to quarantine in designated hotels for 21 days. Passengers from those three countries have a 14-day quarantine.

Travellers have to provide proof of a room reservation at a designated hotel before they can board their flight.

Coaches at half capacity take passengers – who have tested negative at the airport – to their booked hotel, where they will be tested on the 12th and 19th day.

Three meals a day, included in the cost, will be provided by the hotel and most allow food and other deliveries.

Prices for one person for 21 days range from $10,080 to $1,039,500 (£950 to £98,000).

Arrivals to most Indian states have to quarantine in a hotel (own expense) or government facility (paid for) for at least seven days, then if a COVID test is negative they can spend the remaining seven days in home quarantine.

People have to download an app and fill in health updates during their quarantine.

Costs range from INR10,500 to INR28,000 (£105 to £280) for one person for a week.

International travellers have to undergo quarantine at a designated hotel for five days.

Before that, they have to have a negative PCR within 72 hours before departure and a PCR test on arrival.

People travelling onwards to the popular tourist destination of Bali will require a negative test no more than 48 hours before departure.

Those arriving in New Zealand have to stay in isolation for at least 14 days at designated hotels, and up to 28 days if you refuse a test.

Everyone flying to New Zealand must have a voucher confirming they have been allocated a hotel room before they can book their flight.

A COVID test is taken within 24 hours of arrival, health staff check your health and wellbeing daily, and more tests are taken on day three and 12.

Three meals a day are provided and food and limited alcohol delivery is allowed.

There is a flat rate of $3,100 (£1,633) for one person, $950 (£500) for each additional adult in the room, and $475 (£250) for each child above the age of three in the room.

Incoming passengers must quarantine at a government-approved hotel for 14 days.

They have to take a PCR test at the airport and are taken to the hotel on a bus provided by the Coast Guard, or book a government-approved taxi.

Three meals are provided a day and food delivery is allowed.

The government is footing the bill for overseas Filipino workers who must quarantine.

Those entering Qatar have to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for seven days, with a few dedicated four or five-star quarantine hotels for UK arrivals.

A hotel package must be booked before flying and arrivals must have a COVID test at the airport before having another one on day six.

A transfer will be provided to the hotel where medical teams will be available 24/7 and three meals a day will be provided.

Packages cost between QAR2,724 and QAR4,016 per person for seven days (£548 to £810).

All arrivals must isolate in a government-designated hotel – only revealed once they get to it – for two weeks.

A negative PCR test within 72 hours before departure is needed, then one at the airport and another at the end of quarantine – those must be paid for.

Travellers will be taken to a hotel by bus and must have travel insurance to cover COVID-19 treatment and hospital costs if needed.

They must apply for hotel quarantine before arriving in Singapore and will be given an electronic monitoring bracelet or smartwatch to ensure they remain in their room.

The quarantine cost, which includes three meals a day, is about $2,000 (£1,100), not including $200 (£110) for each test.

All international arrivals need to provide a negative PCR test issued within three working days before boarding their flight, and upon arrival.

A 14-day quarantine is required in a hotel, government-owned facilities or student dorms if travellers cannot guarantee only one person will be in a private home, unless they all flew there together.

Travellers will be transported to the facility, which they cannot choose, and will be provided three meals a day.

Rates range from NTD1,000 to NTD20,000 (£26 to £522) for one person for a fortnight.

International arrivals have to quarantine for 14 days in a government-approved hotel, with one COVID test on the fifth day and one at the end.

Hotels are offering packages in association with hospitals, including private airport transfer, ambulance to a hospital if needed, three meals a day, a nurse on duty and daily health monitoring.

After the initial PCR test comes back negative, many are offering access to limited hotel facilities such as the pool or golf course.

Packages cost from 26,500 THB to 600,000 THB (£646 to £14,650).

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