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South Korean President Moon’s suggestion to ban dog meat consumption welcomed by animal rights groups

Written by on 28/09/2021

A possible ban on the consumption of dog meat in South Korea has been welcomed by animal rights groups.

South Korea‘s President, Moon Jae-in, asked during a meeting with the prime minister, Kim Boo-kyum, on Monday whether “it’s time to carefully consider a ban“.

Restaurants offering dog meat to customers are on the decline as younger people find it less appetising.

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in speaks at the UN General Assembly in New York
Image: South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in speaks at the UN General Assembly in New York

It is unclear when a review would take place and whether a ban would be introduced but Mr Moon’s suggestion has been welcomed.

Animal rights activists gathered in central Seoul on Tuesday, calling for the government and parliament to work out steps to officially ban dog meat consumption.

“We actively welcome President Moon Jae-in’s comments instructing a review of the dog meat consumption ban and hope there would be substantial progress on that,” animal rights organisations said in a joint statement.

It is the first time the South Korean president has raised the possibility of such a ban but several presidential hopefuls have said they will ban dog meat in recent weeks in efforts to boost their popularity ahead of the presidential election next year.

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Lee Jae-myung, governor of the country’s most populous province, Gyeonggi, and a leading presidential contender in Mr Moon’s own party, has vowed to push for a ban.

Kim Gea-yeung (R), manager of an animal shelter for abandoned dogs and cats, and Kim Young-suk sit with abandoned dogs at an animal shelter in Anseong, South Korea
Image: Dogs and cats have become increasingly popular as pets in South Korea in recent years

But his opposition frontrunner, Yoon Seok-youl, has said the matter should be left to people’s personal choice.

Lee Won Bok, head of the Korea Association of Animal Protection said they also visited the presidential office and parliament, calling for swift action.

Dog meat is a popular delicacy during the summer months and is of served in a broth or "Bosintang"
Image: Dog meat is a popular delicacy during the summer months

A poll in 2020, conducted by Nielsen for the Humane Society International found 84% of South Koreans said they have never consumed dog meat or said that they are not willing to eat it in the future.

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