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Vance Joy: ‘Everyone I know has Covid’

Written by on 15/07/2021

Today on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, the guys spoke with artist Vance Joy on following the release of his latest single ‘Missing Piece’. Vance said he moved to Barcelona to be with his girlfriend which was “the best thing” but that “basically everyone I know has Covid” so the couple are “laying low”.

Vance said he feels for Aussie artists who are unable to work due to the delayed vaccine rollout and feels “lucky” to leave the country to be with his girlfriend. Vance reminisces on his first Coachella performance with Fitzy on stage with him!

Vance Joy “Yes I’m over here in Barcelona, I’ve been here for two months, my girlfriend lives here we’ve been doing long distance for a couple of years. The best thing for us to be together was for me to come here because she’s from Turkey and she’s been living here for a while, it’s hard if you’re not an Australian citizen to get to Australia!”

Fitzy “in the UK and Europe It seems like everything has opened up again?”

Vance Joy “In the last few weeks especially with the vaccine a lot of people has sort of relaxed but also there’s been a big spike in Covid. Basically everyone I know has Covid so we’re just laying low in the apartment right now. “

Vance Joy “I feel for artists that rely heavily on their touring, everyone makes money in different ways and a lot of artists are completely reliant on their trying to make money so for them on their crews it’s very sad”

Fitzy “are you frustrated with the vaccine rollout especially for those people and the people that work behind the scenes?”

Vance Joy “Oh for sure yeah I think so. I’ve been over here for a couple of months, I’ve been lucky to leave the country, I put together all the documents to get approval to leave. In my personal life I’ve been fortunate but my brothers in Sydney and I’m feeling for everyone in Sydney who is locked down completely at the moment”

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